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By | November 1, 2015

Anita Guha BiographyAnita Guha was the popular Bollywood actress that show in mainly of the mythological personality in the Bollywood movies and completed her single fashion and name in the film industry of the country. Anita Guha was born in 1932 and she stirred to Mumbai as a model in gorgeousness display competitor at the age of just 15 years.

Anita Guha Biography

She completed her access in the film industry in 1957 by the debut movie Tangewali and later that Anita Guha performer in a few of the huge hit movies of that time similar to “Dekh Kabira Roya and Sharada” and for the top act in these movies Anita Guha get elected as a top leading actress in Filmfare Awards.

She gets wedded to the actor Manik Dutt and had no kids and later the loss of her husband Anita second-hand to live in Mumbai. She show in numerous of the movies and get the fame in the country from the top act in the Jai Santoshi Maa in 1975 that became hit movies of the time and the people of the country highly respected the act and the drama brilliant of Anita Guha in the movie. Anita Guha was having a extremely good and burning character owing to which the people of the country love to watch the movies and they similar to her a lot too.

The people give much high opinion to the actress Anita Guha later than drama in the movie personality similar to deity and the people appear and said her to approve them too. Anita Guha performer much of the mythological personality in the film industry that are highly appreciated by the people of the country.

Anita Guha too performed in numerous of the movies similar to Jai Dwarkdesh in (1977) and Krishna Krishna in (1986) Kavi Kalidas in (1959), Anita Guha was died in (2007) from cardiac failure. Here is some of the information about the Anita Guha which may you like too. If you want to know about Anita Guha personal information then visits this page per day and enjoy her life story.

Anita Guha Biography, Breast Size, Body Measurements, Height, Weight & Bra Size:

Anita Guha Nick Name: N/A
Horoscope: N/A
Anita Guha Date of Birth: 1932
Anita Guha Weight in Kg: N/A
in Pounds: N/A
Bra Size: N/A
Breast: N/A
Hips Size: N/A
Anita Guha Height in Feet: N/A
Anita Guha Height in Centimeter: N/A
Waist: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Shoe Size: N/A
Anita Guha affiars/ Boyfriend: N/A
Upcoming: Not Available
Anita Guha Net Worth: N/A

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