Venus Williams Favorite Color, Movie, Food and other Things

By | November 30, 2015

Venus Williams Favorite Today I am going to write about Venus Williams Favorite Color, Movie, Food. Venus Ebony Starr Williams is an American professional tennis player. Williams was born in Lynwood, California, United States on 17 June 1980. She became the World No. 1 for the initial time on 25 February 2002, flattering the initial black American woman to attain this achievement throughout the Open Era.

She, the length of with sister Serena Williams, is accredited with ushering in a new epoch of authority and athleticism on the women’s qualified tennis travel around. Her 07 Grand Slam singles titles bind her twelfth on the all-time list, extra than any additional lively female thespian apart from for her younger sister Serena Williams.

Her 05 Wimbledon singles titles tie her with 02 additional women for 08 places on the all-time catalog. She is too one of merely 03 lively WTA players to have ended the contest of every 04 Grand Slams, the extra players organism her sister and Russian Maria Sharapova. Venus Williams has played next to her sister in 27 expert matches as 1998, and won 11. They have played next to every extra in 08 Grand Slam singles finals, with Serena charming 06 times.

Net worth of Venus Williams: ($75 million).

Venus Williams Personal Information:

Full Name: Venus Ebony Starr Williams.
Occupation of Venus Williams: Tennis Player.
Date of Birth of Venus Williams: June 17, 1980.
Birthplace of Venus Williams: Lynwood- California.
Zodiac Sign of Venus Williams: Gemini.

Venus Williams Height & Weight:

Venus Williams Height: 1.85 m.

Venus Williams Weight: 75 kg.

Venus Williams Favorite Color, Singers, and other Things:

Venus Williams’s favorite things for example food, , color, sports, book, hobbies and cologne.
Hobbies of Venus Williams: Listening Music, Reading, Fashion, games.
Favorite Color of Venus Williams: Pink- Blue.
Favorite Food of Venus Williams: Cherry Pie.
Favorite Book of Venus Williams: I Am Number Four- Harry Potter.
Favorite Perfume of Venus Williams: Lavanila and Gendarme fragrances.
Favorite Sports of Venus Williams: Tennis- Football.

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